10 Inspirational quotes of Sadhguru

Dance does not necessarily mean movement with music. You can work like it is a Dance. You can move like it is a Dance. You can just Dance through your life.

Perception is the core of Yoga. The depth of your perception not only determines the profundity of your experience, but also the richness of your knowing.

We must structure our societies and our lives in such a way that every kind of Human Being has a role to play.

Joy or misery, the source is within You.

This is the fundamental nature of Yoga and Mysticism: only if you become absolute Nonexistence, will you know Existence.

Once you have made the ‘mistake’ of sitting with me, the seed of Moksha is sown. Whether you like it or not, it will keep pushing you towards Ultimate Liberation.

There is nothing more important than Life. It is the greatest phenomenon in the known Universe – and you are that.

Inner Engineering is not about being superhuman. It is about realizing that Being Human is Super.