Top Virtual Horror Experience

Top 5 Virtual Horror Experience

So you just want to take a horror experience. You love horror movies and haunted serials and you want to take a real haunted experience. There are so many horror experience available on google play store. But the best way to experience Horror is using virtual reality. Because this technology give you more immersive experience in real life. All you need to take these experience is just a google cardboard and an earphone or headphone to lost in horror world.

Bhangarh VR :

Bhangarh is most haunted palace in asia and famous for its historical ruins. The ASI forbidden the entry after sunset in bhangarh fort. Ok, cool you want to experience one night in bhangarh???

There is an experience available on play store “Bhangarh – VR haunted experience”. Download it, plug headphone in your ear and have a horror experience. All you need to experience it is just a google cardboard. It give you virtual experience of ghosts and zombies. Just follow the instructions.

Horror VR

Horror Vr is a former orphanage experience in virtual reality. Just use your google cardboard and follow the instructions to see what happened in the house and find the ghosts.


So have you ever watched A tale of sisters movie…? Now take a real horror experience in virtual reality. Be carefull someone,  somehow doesn’t want you here. Just wear your google cardboard and take a 360 degree immersive horror experience.It has more than 5Lakh downloads on play store.

11:57  : 11:57 is a virtual reality horror experience where you are the main character to experience a horror nightmare. It has more than 1lakh downloads on Playstore.

The Bet 

The Bet Vr is a never ending horror trap in a house and you are alone in the house. A fibulas game with 50k+ downloads in very less time to take a haunted experience. The night is dark and the house calls you to come inside but not to go. Experience a story of friends using your google cardboard.

never ending trapping.