Top 11 Android Games – Most Addictive Games

Top 10 Android Games :

If you are a game love you should try these android games. Here is the list of top 10 android games which are addictive more than other games.

Mirror Moves:
The purpose of this game is to make the two player exit at the same time having 20 stages . Sounds easy Right ? But there is a catch, Both player behaves opposite to one another Care to give one a try?

Just Follow :
Just follow is an unique and addictive game loaded with tons of fun and hours of game play. Things that make Just Follow an unique game is it's super smooth game play and it's unique game mechanics. Make sure to check it out soon 🙂


Kuch Bhi 
The cute little blob sit in the cart and moves though a horrifying cave full of monsters. He holds a gun (or whatever you choose. my favourite was the flamer). Help him get to the other end and save other blobs in the way. There are three version of game. Hopeless, Hopeless 2 Android game, Hopeless 3.

Mekorama :
this is by far the most visually stunning game I've played for a game under 5 mb(4.67mb). It looked like a monument valley rip-off at the start but it's different. Loads of level and fun . You can also create levels in this game which keeps it interesting

Swift Blocks:
Swift Block as it contains 60 amazing levels which gives your brain, a full load. All you have to do is move "swift blocks" in such a way that all the swift blocks reach their destination at the same time. It has surprising elements like swirls, statics and many more, which may help or hinder your movements. Game UI is simple and attractive enough which keeps you engaging..

Mini Militia :
This is one of the most played mobile games of 2016. However, the game was initially launched in 2011 in iOS format but the game became popular in this year after it came in android format. It is a free-to-play 2D shooter game in which 8-10 players can play at a time by connecting to the WiFi. : 
It is a massively multiplayer browser game developed by Steve Howse. Players control a snake-like avatar, which consumes multicolored pellets from other players. It gives you the feeling of old snake game which you used to play in Nokia phones.

Get set run:
is simple single touch game, In which you have to save the player from obstacles and survive until time bar empty. Collect points to increase time bar.
- Endless movement with different backgrounds
- Minimal and parallax graphics
- Leaderboard and achievements
- Social sharing
- Ambient music

Plants vs Zombies - It was accounted in the "best games of 2013" by Google Play and gained a great popularity with 100 billion downloads. This game has 3 version. Plant vs zombies, Plant vs Zombies 2, Plant vs Zombies 3.

2 Cars :
(This one's a personal favourite!) The game is 'simple'. You have two cars, one blue and one red. Your screen is divided into 2, and you have to tap the screen 2 move the cars from lane to lane. The goal is to 'collect' all the circles and avoid hitting the squares. The challenge: you have to simultaneously do it for both the sections, jumping the cars from lane to lane, avoiding all the squares and collecting all the circles (miss one, and it's game over). It's pretty difficult at first, but as soon as you have played it for some amount of time, crossing scores over 400 will be cakewalk.

Limbo :
Kuchh Bhi
This is one of the best paid games on Play Store and you really need some good observation skills and good 'brains' as well. It's better to be played on PC. If you like it, it's always best to buy (Playdead deserves it!). Awesome graphics and gameplay (might frustrate you in a few levels but once you find a solution, there's no stopping).