Make Money With ClickBank Affiliate Network

Have you ever asked yourself why you are not making enough money with ClickBank network?

Millions of affiliates just like you are in the same boat you are in. They are using hit and run method to run ClickBank affiliate programs. They are only interested in making that first.

But the harsh reality is.....

That first sale wouldn't make you stay in business for long. In fact, your affiliate marketing business won't last for even a year. But unless you are willing to build your business the right way, you will never earn the kind of income you want.

What if i told you, there's is a better way to make money with clickbank? Where you will market your product to the same customers for weeks, months and years.

Successful internet marketers know that they are two ways to make money with ClickBank. Through having an email list and creating repeat business. Right now i want to show a 7 step formula which can help you build your email list and have those repeat customers. That can skyrocket your revenue.....

Step 1: Decide On The Product You Want-(Sneaky Way Of Finding Winners)

Most newbies fail at this stage. They know their niche well. But, they don't know the right product to promote. They are thousands of crappy product in ClickBank which have zero sales. And if your niche is in that category, believe me, it is a waste of time promoting the product. However, how much you love your niche.

So how do you spot winners and losers? It is a 3 step process. First, check the gravity of the product. A product with a gravity above 20 is a good choice. That means that more affiliates are promoting the product.

Second, the product has good online reviews. This means that most people like it. Third, if the product has a video sales page, that is a huge plus. Videos convert well than a plain text sale page. That's how you screen the winners and losers. Now that you have the product it is time to.......

Step 2: Create A Sizzling Free Ebook- How To Go About It

You have identified the best product so far. Now is the time to offer them an incentive. And that incentive is an eBook. An eBook will give them a reason to do business with you. There is a lot of information there about creating an eBook and one of them is.....

Write the eBook yourself. Yeah, it will only work if you have strong writing skills than the average writer. But i want you to do the exact opposite.....

Hire a good copywriter and for two good reasons. First, they have strong writing skills than the average writers. When companies want to promote their product they hire the pros. And that's why you should hire one. Second, your eBook will convert well, resulting to more email subscribers.

Step 3: Create A $10,000 Squeeze Page And How To Squeeze More Emails From It

To promote your ebook you need a squeeze page. But not just throwing a squeeze page and waiting for visitors to give you their emails. Am talking of a squeeze page that has a conversion rate of 70% and above. Not 5% as most amateurs in ClickBank will tell you as the best.

So how do we create a $10,000 squeeze page? First, you need to create a page with Squeeze Theme. It is a product sold by unique design. Second, integrate the theme with Aweber.

Finally and the most important. Do regular split-tests to your squeeze page. Most ClickBank affiliates end their journey here with squeeze pages. They don't split-tests. Split-test will increase your conversation rates by 70%. Because you will find out what works to boost your conversations.

And affiliates that do split-testing on their squeeze page, are the ones that collect more email address that form big part of their revenues.

Step 4:How To Flood Your Squeeze Page With Traffic.

There are several ways to get traffic to your squeeze page. Not just traffic, but massive traffic. Am talking about 2000 visitors on a daily basis. There are 2 ways i want to share with you.

First, guest blogging. This alone can land you more subscribers within seconds. Why? Because you are publishing your articles on authority sites with huge audiences. Chances are if the owner likes your post, his readers will also like it. And they will become your subscribers.

Second, pay per click. If you have money to spend, this can be the quickest way to get traffic. And it is expensive.

Step 5: Capture Those Leads Without Disturbing Them-How The Pros Do It

The strength of your email list will depend on how you capture leads on your squeeze page. There are several ways you can capture those leads without disturbing your visitors. First, introduce a pop-up when they are about to exit. Second, you can slide a request as they scroll down your page.

For example, when they are about to exit. You can have a pop-up window displaying what they will lose if they don't sign up. Or you can offer a prize for the first person to sign up. And to get better results make sure that you announce the winner in the emails you send. For you to capture more leads you can use Aweber. Which offers $1 trial for all new accounts.

Step 6: Start Email Marketing Series To Convert Subscribers To Buyers.

This is where the fun starts. You have removed the biggest nightmare out of the closet. Traffic. Now you have a list that you can write to about your offer on a regular basis and build die hard relationship.

How do you start? You start by creating a series of follow up emails with your subscribers. Where you will be talking about your product. Aweber has a special feature called "follow up ". Here you will schedule when you want your list members to receive your emails. And after how many email series you plan to introduce the offer to your list. Autoresponder emails are the best ways of building a sales funnel.

Step 7: Wait For The Money In Your Account.

The last step is for you to wait for the money. That is opening your account and seeing that you have made over $5000 in a single week.

Making money with ClickBank or any affiliate network is a process that takes time. And you are only going to build this business the right way if you follow this 7 steps. I know it can be hard following these steps. But, it is what has taken most affiliate marketers from rags to riches