Late Night Deep Thoughts


Late Night Thoughts - The Bhand Diary

Somewhere, Somehow everyone is suffering with their "Late Night Thoughts"  The Bhand Diary is dedicate to all of those who are fighting with their deep thoughts. Be a part of The Bhand Diary by sharing your Late night thoughts. 

"Sleppless Soul"

"Alcohol is only water with feelings

"A woman doesn't need any reason to argue with you. She needs time."

"We are infinite - By Shivam Singh"

"Vodka is 5 time more effective than any facial cleansers."

"There is no life without regrets. by- Shashking"

"Autumn shows us, its good to let  go off some things."

"Sab Tera"

"Mere samne wali sarhad par kahte hai dushman rahta hai, par gaur se dekha jab usko, wo to mere jesa dikhta hai. - Lines by - Rahul Ram"

"Ab mumkin nahin mera tujse alag hona. tu muj mai ghul gai hai pani me sharab ki tarah. By- The Smoke."

"Music is somehow my painkiller"

"and miles to go...before i sleep. Quote by milind gupta"

"Don't worry, everything will be fine one day. by - Circle Rush X"

"Shukar hai yado ki koi umar nahin hoti."

"Lost - Best friend, Find - Stranger."

"Jashan-e-Barbadi by - Nitin Jain"

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"My life - Stranger--> best Friends--> Stranger"

"My thoughts are darker than the night sky. By Anurag tak"

"Aaj ka gyan - A family that grows charas and ganja is known as Joint Family. "

"FUCK is my favorite unit of measurement. by stressallday"

"Meetha meetha nasha, teri aawaj jese sharab or shahad ki milawat. by - The Smoke"

"Don't worry, everything will be fine one day."

"Yes, I am a day dreamer and a night thinker."

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart."

"Kitna khauf hota hai in sham ke andhero me, puch un parindo se, jinke ghar nahin hote hai. by - Shivam Singh"

"You stopped calling to say goodnight. I stopped sleeping."

"We all are going to die one day. twitter @sollidsoul"

"Be like a drug, let people die for you."

"Aaj ka gyan - BC is not a gaali. "

"Jalne walo ki jalti rahegi. apni bakchodi chalti rahegi. by - Gaurav Goyal"

"Shakhao se tut jaye wo patte nahin hai hum. aandhi se kah do jra apni auad me rhe."

"Kah do un hawao se jake. bahut bhujhati hai chirag, ek jla ke btaye."

"Every devil was once an angel."

"You deserve the universe, but i am only the star."

"Whisky is only water with feelings."

"He smiled, she smiled. but, everyone else burned."

"I exist in two place. here and where you are."

"To heel a wound you need to stop touching it."

"Real friends are blessing"

"Apologies don't fix the broken heart"

"Zunun marta hai or sukun jeena sikhata hai."