Earn Cashback For What You Eat

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Discover Restaurants, Get Cashback

India! Different people, different appearances, different languages, different colors and obviously different yummy food.
We have so many varieties of food like junk food, starter, main course then dessert. In India we have North Indian food, South Indian food, Chinese and Italian cuisine and many more. We all love to have food everyday with a different tastes. Even we spend a lot of money for food. Now, what if you get some cashback for enjoying food. Like clicking selfies while have food and just upload it and get cashback?

Get Paid For What You Eat

Yes, you got it right. Here, in this article, I am  introducing an application which gives  you cashback on your restaurant's bill. You just need click the selfie while enjoying your meal to "Magic Pin" along with your bill.
MagicPin, a Gurgaon based startup is giving cashback when you discover any restaurant or something else. All you need to do is - Click a selfie with your order, Upload a pic of your bill and earn money
This application is giving upto 10% cashback of your bill.

How to earn more money

Just follow these simple steps to earn more money.

  • Download Magicpin  from here.
  • Sign in and enjoy the cash back with mouth watering food.
  • To earn more money enter refer code - NCOW8463
  • Visit any restaurant or place, click a selfie with their ambiance and get 20Rs instant.
  • Now click a selfie with your order and upload your bill to get some cashback.

Now, there is an another way to earn more money , As said, a friend in need is a friend indeed or Sharing is caring. You can refer your friends too.When they click and upload their first bill, your friend will earn some money and you will earn some money.  With referral you can earn upto 5000Rs and more. Now, I know the next question in your mind is how to use the cash back. You can use the cash to recharge your phone, you can use it to grab the coupons of shopping sites and many more ways to use cash back.

You can also give rating to shop, cafe or restaurant as per the food quality and can help others foodies. This Gurgan based startup is currently available in Jaipur, Banguluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The company is planning to expand their services to vadodara, Surat, Udaipur, Gujrat and many other locations.

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