Brands With Their Hidden Meaning

Brands Meaning

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change –

I find the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s logo very clever. Inside the logo, one shall find a dolphin, the national aquatic animal of India, it symbolises the aquatic ecosystem of this country. At the top, one finds a tiger, the national animal of India. It symbolises the animals in this country. One shall also find a dove, it symbolises peace and harmony between the people of this country and its flora and fauna.On the right, one shall find a leaf, symbolising the flora of this country, the trees that multiply the beauty of our jungles. At the mid, one finds a woman sieving corn/wheat, it symbolises how human life is integrated with all of the above elements. The tagline perfectly encapsulates how nature always protects itself and how we have a duty to preserve her in all her beauty and pride

Kuchh Bhi
Hope For Africans Children

Hope for African Children Initiative –
Supporting African communities is the pillar of HACI’s mission and it’s clearly reflected in the organization’s vibrant logo. The Hope for African Children Initiative’s golden yellow and orange logo uniquely utilizes negative space to create two images: the continent of Africa and a child looking up at mother.

Amazon : This is the awesome logo of Amazon. This is an extremely simple logo and while the arrow may just look like a smile it actually points from a to z. This represents that Amazon sell everything from a to z and the smile on the customer’s faces when they buy a product.

Amazon Meaning

Pittsburgh Zoo – This logo shows “the tree of life” and in the negative space a gorilla and a lioness, and also some fish.

Baskin Robins – When the beloved ice cream seller first opened ice cream shops in 1945 it had31 flavours of ice cream in it’s menu, hence, each flavour for each day of the month. Although Baskin-Robbins has come a long way from there and has more than 100 flavours, but it still signifies that 31 flavour philosophy in it’s logo, you just need to zoom in a bit.

Baskin Robin Icecream
Fedex meaning

FEDex – Noticed that empty space in-between theand x? Well, that space(coloured in green in the picture) actually represents a forward arrow, signifying the company’s always fast and reliable transportation of good.

Families – In the Families logo, the ‘i’, ‘l’, and second ‘i’ are all different sizes, representing the father as the long ‘l’ and the mother as the longest ‘i’ followed by the child. The upper case “R”s in the Marriage logo mirror each other with their ends sticking together, representing the bond of a relationship.

Families meaning

Wikipedia meaning

Wikipedia –
Comprised of puzzle pieces which make up a globe, the puzzle pieces feature letters from different languages, thus representing that the online encyclopedia encapsulates knowledge from all corners of the globe. As Wikipedia itself notes,
“each piece bears a glyph (a letter or other character), or glyphs, symbolizing the multilingualism of Wikipedia.”
What’s more, because the globe itself is conspicuously incomplete, it signifies “the incomplete nature of the project, the articles and languages yet to be added.” 

Google Drive : Google, by itself, is a company with extremely high standards, so obviously they took great care in designing their logo.One might wonder, why a triangle? What does it have to do with documentation, word processing, and data storage? Google Drive, as you know, has 3 primary services: Docs, Sheets, and Slides (basically free, clean versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). They each have their own color:

Google Drive name
Circus of magazines story

Circus of Magazines-
Circus of Magazines is an online marketplace for magazines. It combines an open magazine and a circus tent in order to represent the online community and by extension the website, a place where magazine lovers gather to buy, sell and exchange magazines

Sony VAIO – In Sony’s VAIO logo, the letters “V” and “A” represent an analog waveform and the “I” and “O” represent a binary code.

Vaio story
Cisco brand story

Cisco – CISCO’s logo represents a digital signal that happens to take the form of the golden gate bridge which is in San Francisco, the city after which the company is named

Rajasthan  Tourism- The simple logo contains so many things which represents the soul of Rajasthan. First of all the background is such that it looks like the sand which is in abundance in Rajasthan and it appears that the logo is the result of an impression created by a thunder storm which are quite common in the state.

Then it represents two camels siting back to back. Camels are the ships of desert and also the true representation of Rajasthan and some birds flying above.If you now carefully observe you will find that the two camels also represents the iconic moustache of Rajasthan, yes the very own homegrown big handlebar moustaches and the birds are like the eyes of the person

Rajasthan Tourism Story
Jio Brand Story

Relience JIO – Jio when seen in mirror reflection can be seen as oil which represents Reliance’s journey from oil and petroleum industry to telecom industry

Ubuntu – What this logo shows is a circle of friends. Meaning of word UBUNTU is translated as “humanity towards others“, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity“. Which is beautifully versed with its working philosophy of spreading open source and making it available to everyone.

Ubuntu Brand story

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