Brand Gamification – Way To Boost Your Brand ROI

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Brand Gamification – Solution Of All Marketing Strategy

Gamification is and an emerging form of mobile marketing, Which has been found successfully engage users like no others. Now a days the biggest challenge for brands is “How to do advertising and branding”. The biggest problem which brands face is their marketing strategy. Every brands need something new to attract their customers. Online banner advertising and branding is now a common ways and not suitable now a day because of irritating and unnecessary pop ups and ads. After it the new way was found as advertising strategy is sponsorship in games or sponsored games. Now introducing the new solution for brands is Brand Gamification or  In game Advertising.

What is Gamification :

Gamfication is a new emerging form of mobile media marketing. Or we can say brand gamification is the term “ advertising in games” after sponcerd games now a day big brands are showing interest in their own game. In 2015 dabur launched his own game to promote Dabur real Juice “ RJ real Quest” created by AdYep

Some statics of uses of digital media :

According to a survey, 86% people spent their time on apps and games where as only 14% people spent their time on browser. The breakdowns are :

  • 14% web browsing
  • 32% Games
  • 7% YouTube
  • 3% News
  • 12% utility apps
  • 28% social media
  • 4% entertainment.

Why mobile games :

Now the problem is users engagement and relation ration.The solution for the problem is only brand gamification To engage user engagement.

Games can deliver:

  • Brand engagement
  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand measurement ( Complete Analytics of users )
  • Product Promotion
  • Direct sale
  • Web traffic
  • Data Capture
  • Social media sharing
  • Natural support to SEO by backlinks
  • Repeated website visitors

How a mobile game can help your brand to reach it’s marketing goals.

  1. Off Chart engagement : A video engage users only for 15-30 sec. where as a game engage a user more than 10 min.
  2. Driving message : Now a days brands are engaging their users by “learning and earning” either give your users some learning idea of give them something free as promotional activities but a branded game solve both these problems. A game can drive both learning and earning.
  3. Say No To Pop Ups and Banners : Say bye bye to old banner ads and popups which irritate users and count a bad experiment. Provide them the most loving content and information using branded games.
  4. Social amplification : Users love to share their score on social media. Lets users be engage with you on social media by sharing the score. Because sharing is caring.
  5. Cost effective : games are always cost effective. Target your audience globally and these are more compatible than print and TV ads.

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