Augmented Reality – Next Solution of Brands Marketing Strategy

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality – Next Solution of Brands Marketing Strategy-

Big brands have already taken a top spot by embracing the most interactive and futuristic Augmented Reality Technology. That tends to strengthen the alliances both the ways. Offering more access and visibility to the end customers, are leading the sales figure to reach sky-high. With AR being at the core of marketing strategies. Sizable brands have added a clinch of ‘wow’ factor to the browsing and shopping experience that makes the customer connect more deeply with a brand.

It’s rightly quoted’ Information rules the World’.

And that’s exactly what the big corporate giants are investing in. With AR technology uniquely positioned within their marketing strategies, they are pondering large stack of useful information onto their consumers to help and simply their decision- making process. Importantly, an enticingly presented heap of information is a thumb rule of the game. This pristine influx of technology promises maximum info in minimum time to the most techno-savvy clans across the world.

Having researched which big brands have been the early adopters of this technology. They would reflect ways to inculcate AR in a most supreme way. Food industry to cosmetics, skin care industry to real estate and much more in a league, the AR technology has made a far-flung presence. Talking about the most current trend in AR marketing. The brands are capitalizing on their packing, to make it more interactive to bespeak more customers in a yet unique way.

Here’s a list of some hefty mega corps, having made a difference with fusion of AR technology within their marketing campaigns:

How brands are using augmented Reality for Better ROI


PepsiMax has entered into a partnership with one of the augmented reality app, BlippAr for a launch of football campaign. With BlippAr, scanning the AR logo on Pepsi cans let user’s dig deeper and see some of the fascinating inside- stories of a football match. Along with having hours of fun over an enthralling football game. Adding life to a passive packaging is what drives success in today’s information age.


Dabur, a yet another industry’s giant, has teamed up with augmented reality startup, YeppAr to give a unique experience to its customers with AR coded logo on its products. Tapping on the most recent trends in packaging, Dabur has invested smartly. they are engaging their customers by adding a layer of visuals/videos over the pack. This on-pack promotion campaign set forth by Dabur is sure to give high ROI, with an unprecedented increase in the techno-savvy customer base, who wish to explore AR to its fullest.


L’Oreal a tycoon in the cosmetics and beauty care supply industry is yet another name which has embraced AR technology. They are offering an exclusive experience to its clients. With its most recent app, ‘Makeup Genius’, the company has come up with the first ever virtual makeup tester. It is allowing damsels to judge and modify their appearance in the most subtle way. The app deems to become one amongst the must have beauty accessories as stated by the marketing manager of L’Oreal.

Above stated are just a few examples of how big giants are subsidizing with the entrancement of AR technology branding campaigns. The success mantra for the future lies in unlocking the untapped potential of AR technology in the most pertinent way.

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